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Wireless LED Strobe Light

Wireless LED Strobe Light

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Our Wireless LED Strobe Light offers a revolutionary lighting solution for all occasions. It's equipped with bright LED lights and adjustable strobe patterns, allowing you to customize the atmosphere and create a dynamic visual presence.
With its wireless operation, you can easily position the light anywhere without restriction. Perfect for parties, concerts, or just an excited atmosphere, these lights can be controlled remotely. Our Wireless LED Strobe Light is a powerful and portable lighting essential, giving you the chance to add exhilaration and enthusiasm to your events.

Versatile Illumination with 7 Color Modes:

Whether you're setting the stage for a lively party, creating a serene ambiance for a relaxation session, or adding a pop of color to a special event, the Wireless LED Strobe Light is your go-to lighting companion. Easily switch between the seven dazzling color modes to tailor the illumination to your preferences and the unique vibe of each occasion. With wireless control and a spectrum of colors at your fingertips, this strobe light is not just a lighting accessory—it's a tool for crafting unforgettable atmospheres. Elevate your events with the dynamic and customizable lighting of our Wireless LED Strobe Light, turning any space into a visual masterpiece.

Effortless Power with 350mAh Battery and USB Charging Socket:

Our Wireless LED Strobe Light is engineered for convenience, featuring a powerful 350mAh battery that ensures long-lasting illumination. With the added convenience of a USB charging socket, keeping the strobe light ready for action is a breeze. Enjoy the flexibility of wireless operation without the worry of constant battery replacements—simply recharge and let the vibrant lights enhance your events with ease.

Comprehensive Package for Seamless Operation:

Experience hassle-free control and setup with our Wireless LED Strobe Light, which comes complete with essential accessories. The package includes a convenient remote control, a charging cable for effortless power replenishment, a user-friendly manual for easy operation, rubber bands for versatile mounting options, and 3M Velcro for secure and flexible placement. This comprehensive package ensures that you have everything you need to maximize the potential of your strobe light, providing a seamless and enjoyable lighting experience for any occasion.


Built-in Battery: 3.7V 350MAH

Charging Interface: Micro USB

Charging Time: About 90 Minutes

Light Color: White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Sky Blue

Product Size: 48x34.3x18.4mm

Usage Time: About 3.5 hours when flashing

Setting Mode: Fast Strobe Light, Slow Strobe Light

Product Charging: 5V 1A

Package included:

  • 1/2/4 x Strobe Light
  • 1 x Remote
  • 1 x Manual
  • 4 x Rubber Rings
  • 2 x 3M Velcro
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
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