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Professional Choking Emergency Device for Adults and Children

Professional Choking Emergency Device for Adults and Children

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This is an effective respiratory restorer, and I hope everyone doesn't have to use itBut everyone must have one at home.

It's based on suction, which will act as a vacuum to pull out whatever is on the victim's airways, allowing him to  breathe properly again. 


Children often choke on food when eating because they are too young, and it is even more dangerous if they accidentally eat something else.

Just a few seconds is the time to save a life! This is the golden time to save lives.


Even adults can choke at times, and if effective measures are not taken in time, this is often a fatal danger!

Professional Choking Emergency Device for Adult and Children can solve these problems and save lives in the first place.


  • Professional And Scientific Structure

The ergonomic design ensures the best fit for all mouths, no air leakage and maximum ventilation.

  • Easy To Use

The most effective results can be achieved in a simple way, and everyone knows how to use it.

  • High Quality Materials

It is made of high-specification materials, ensuring that it will not deteriorate or break even after a long period of time.

  • Can Be Used By The Elderly And Children

Each set is equipped with two different sizes of masks, ensuring that your family is in safe hands.


  • Material: ABS+PP
  • Mask Size: small 10*8*7cm/ large 13*10.5*8cm
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