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Korean Facial Rejuvenating Cleanser

Korean Facial Rejuvenating Cleanser

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  • Safe ingredients ---- mild and non irritating, no harm to skin, safe to use. Easily improve dull skin, oily skin and dull skin, fine and dense foam, clear and bright skin, suitable for men and women.


  • Portable design - meet your daily skin care needs. Small and light, easy to carry, very suitable for family and travel use.
  • Cleansing ---- facial cleanser can effectively lubricate the oil and dirt on the face, maintain the balance of water and oil on the skin, deeply clean, and make the skin soft and elastic. The texture is smooth and delicate, making you feel more comfortable.
  • Cleaning method: 1. Moisten the face with water and press the facial cleanser. Wiping your face produces rich foam. Apply foam on the face and massage the whole face in a round way. Wash your face thoroughly with clean water.



  • Material: Core ingredient: nicotinamide
  • Net content:150g
  • Efficacy: whiten and brighten skin, improve skin unevenness and dullness, clean pores, foam delicate skin, make skin fresh, clean, tender and bright
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